for interpreters & translators for Arabic in Mannheim

Are you looking for a certified sworn translator and interpreter in spoken and written for the language combinations Arabic-German / German-Arabic in Mannheim?
We also offer translator and interpreter for all other langauges as well.

As a native Arabic speaker, we offer you professional translation and interpreting services specifically for the following areas: 

  • IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS AND FIELDS - Including but not limited to : Certificates, contracts, driving-licenses, general law, business meetings, trade shows, medical support, electrical, mechanical engineering and more.

Services we offer

Accompanying Interpreter

We offer complete service from arrival until departure for leisure activites, hotel bookings , ticket service, individual city guides and event organization including Limousine with driver.

Nationwide translation service 

Our service is available nationwide! Send us your documents by e-mail or fax. If you wish, you will receive the translation back the same way. Notarized translations are excluded. These must be sent in the original by post.

Reliable, fast and professional

Receive 10% discount on your first translation plus we bear the cost of postage, we also offer express services (with increased pricing). Request a quote , free of charge, and without obligation for more details. 

Business Commercial services

Enjoy a great deal of speed and reliability with the services we provide in the field of business. We guarantee Arabic-German & German-Arabic translation, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French in all areas of oral and written translations. We also have great experience in dealing with German industrial and commercial companies operating in the Middle East. We can also do banking services with German banks with ease.

Legal services

As sworn translators, we translate in its official context, thus guaranteeing you professional and high quality translations. We offer the following translation services in this field:
  • Sworn legal translation of all legal and official documents from Birth to death certificates
  • Marriage contracts
  • Judicial decisions
  • Divorce provisions
  • Passports
  • Driver licenses
  • School certificates
  • Diplomas

Medical Tourism services

We perform all the translation of transactions need for you to receive treatment in Germany. All you have to do is send your  personal medical reports then we will arrange and coordinate with the best hospitals that treat your medical condition or with hospitals of your choosing. Providing the necessary documents to issue entry visas for the patient and his companions. Continued companionship of the patient and his companions from receiving them at the airport till bidding them farewell after the end of the treatment period. Immediate translation in the hospital throughout the duration of the treatment. Providing the residents with suitable housing according to your request weather it's a hotel or a furnished apartment. In addition to providing touristic programs for the companions of the patient.

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Translation of personal documents

We provide various translation services for your personal needs. As sworn translators we insure the documents are translated in it's official context, guaranteeing you professionalism and high quality translations. You can contact and send us the documents through email or fax to receive German-Arabic/Arabic-German translations for the following services :
  • Birth or death certificates
  • Marriage contracts
  • Various administrative evidence
  • Judicial rulings
  • Divorce rulings
  • Passports and driving licenses
  • School certificates and diplomas
  • Business documents and correspondence, annual reports, brochures, user manuals, advertisements, and cards
  • Business and trade publications, websites, and marketing
  • Medical translation
  • Translation of newspaper articles
  • Translating children's books, stories, novels, fairy tales, etc
  • Proofreading and reviewing texts edited in Arabic

We also offer communication with German government department with judiciary, police, lawyers, in courtrooms, and notaries. Accompanying translator for various other activities like  in hospitals, exhibitions, and companies.

We rent a car with driver , book a hotel or provide suitable housing as desired in furnished apartments to insure your stay in Germany is conformable.

If you would like to benefit from our services or obtain additional information, please contact us by email or by phone.


The Interpreting office provides consultations and guidance through lawyers
Specialists in German law and the Constitution, whether it is related to administrative issues related to German government departments or German or foreign bodies, banks, companies operating within
German lands, German companies, banks and bodies operating outside the territory of the German state. It also guarantees you confidentiality and professionalism in all transactions, in addition to respecting customers’ privacy.

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All personal information and data remain confidential
Your trust is our main goal

Our Prices

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to obtain an initial, non-binding quote
The cost of translation depends on the time specified by you for us to complete the translation. It also depends on the type of documents to be translated, we also offer express services (with increased pricing). 
You can send a copy of the documents to be translated via WhatsApp to the following number: +4917672542230
As for simultaneous translation, prices are determined upon request
Your satisfaction is our goal


The sounds of the Arabic alphabet can not be clearly represented in Latin script. Therefore, the translator does not automatically know the correct spelling of the name in Latin script. Depending on the area of the person concerned, other rules apply to the transmission.

To ensure that names in all documents match, you should provide me with the previous spelling of Arabic names in Latin script from the beginning. These are e.g. in passport and identity documents.

Yes, we need the original documents for the translation. With our stamp and signature we confirm the agreement of the translation with the original. You can send us your originals by registered mail and then you will get back as well. Of course you can bring them in personally and pick them up again.

On copies, certain features of the documents such as stamps and signatures are often not clear. We translate copies if you are sure it's sufficient for your purposes, however we do not guarantee that this will be accepted by the authorities.

Don't hesitate to contact us ! 

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